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Financing in under-developed/ developing economies for the Governments

The government needs budget deficit financing which is decided by lot of factors like- Country rating, past performance of the country and the rate at which the money is available. Here the borrower is ministry of Finance directly against the Sovereign Guarantee of the Country.


The government needs financing for the infra projects which could be in power, water, housing, roads, bridges etc. Here the borrower can be ministry of Finance, the Local ministry who is the beneficiary of the project, etc. Sovereign Guarantee may or may not be available. Sometime letter of comforts are given by the ministry.


Strategy for EPC contractors/ trade finance corporates:

  • Introducing cash rich strategic partners in Middle East (who are willing to work outside Middle-east) to EPC companies who have the work in hand but looking for collaborating.
  • Arranging guarantees for EPC contractors for the projects to be executed by them through ‘Insurance bonds’.