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AsiaAfricaProjects supply EPC contractors on long-term contracts or framework agreements where we have a proven track record for excellence and long term pricing. We also hold numerous approvals with many leading worldwide contractors.

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Our expanding global footprint ensures that dedicated local EPC management teams provide a single local point of contact. Our highly skilled staff expertly manage all aspects of a project from enquiry stage through to post project requirements where all necessary disciplines are represented.

Our Mission

AsiaAfricaProjects aim is to achieve the internationally recognised project goals of both the contractor and the end user customer. We provide ongoing communication, documentation and frequent ongoing detailed reports to achieve this.

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AsiaAfricaProjects sets up projects on total turnkey basis which includes feasibility studies, design, engineering, procurement, supply, civil construction, installation, training and trial runs.

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 AsiaAfricaProjects is aiming to take giant strides with innovative ideas and skills to cater to growing demands for power generation and transmission, and distribution. This puts us in a position to recommend and deliver ideal turnkey electrification solutions keeping in mind resource availability, finances and future growth needs We take up turnkey projects in various domains of power sector across challenging geographies and landscapes. 

• Power Generation

• Transmission & Distribution including Rural Electrification

• Transmission Lines & Sub-station

• Renewable – Solar Power & Biomass

Agriculture and Irrigation

Over the years many significant agricultural changes have occurred in order to supply enough food for the growing human population. Irrigation is the essential requirement for sustained agricultural benefit. Without irrigation, farming becomes limited. And, in the case of inadequate rainfall, agriculture becomes almost impossible.

We have the requisite expertise in establishing Agriculture and Irrigation projects using the latest machinery, equipment, and technologies in various agricultural economies around the world to combat the irrigational inadequacies that limit agricultural production.

• Crop Protection & Productivity Enhancement
• Agro Processing

• Farm Mechanisation

• Refrigeration & Cold Storage

• Canal Irrigation

• Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation

• Center Pivot Irrigation
• Public Water Supply & Distribution
• Water Storage & Transportation

Lift Irrigation by Pumping : We provide the most modern state of art solutions for meeting the water demands of communities by optimising the locally available resources to us. 


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Water is the most essential and necessary need for the survival of human life on earth. It holds vast potential due to its unending demand. Therefore, planning and designing water supply schemes is vital to optimising the usage of the limited resources available to us in the form of underground water, rivers, lakes, etc.

We provide the most modern state of art solutions for meeting the water demands of communities by optimising the locally available resources to us. 

• Public Water Supply & Distribution

• Water Storage & Transportation

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Other Infrastructure & Industrial Projects

The expansion of infrastructure is an essential requirement for every country and is critical to the progress of a nation. The quality of the roads, public transportation systems, industrial parks, schools, housing and hospitals mainly indicates the quality of life provided by the state to its people.

We take up Social Infrastructure & Industrial projects encompassing conception to commissioning to providing technical support initiatives

• Hospitals

• Educational Establishments & IT Parks

• Low Cost Housing

• Industrial Parks

• Roads & Railways

• Other Building & Construction Works

Our Services

Our services provide a clear vision of our establised procedures to handle your valued projects.

Meticulous Planning

Our Team decides the plan for the execution of the solutions in a meticulous way.

Completion On Time

Every Projects timely completion is defined by the planning and execution, which we do perfectly.

Perfect Execution

Backed by efficient planning, the perfect execution becomes a must-happen act.

Affordable Prices

Besides the other advantages, we offer you a very competitive project cost making it a lucrative deal for your organisation.